Memorial Park
ChimineyThis park is located along Granville Street and connected by walking paths to sports amenities and the parking lot. It has a brand new constructed Chimney Swift Roost Tower which is 32 feet high. Chimney swifts are considered endangered in Nova Scotia and this unique chimney equipped with sensors for gathering data is a valuable resource to track this species. Observers can sit and enjoy the swifts returning to the chimney in the evenings during the spring and summer. Park is open daily from 8am to 8pm.

Interpretive signs and a new digital sign are now in the development stage and will feature information about the Chimney Swifts, the local community and the former high school which once stood on site. These initiatives are a partnership project with the local community.

Parking Area
ParkingThe official entrance (30 Faye Road) to the park includes a paved parking lot area designed for approximately 97 parking spaces with 4 barrier free spaces. It also includes a drop off area for students and/or athletes to walk to the school. Parking is free.

Tennis Courts
TennisCourtrThe newly resurfaced tennis Courts offers two playing areas side by side. One court was also designed to play Pickleball as well, a sport gaining popularity and we are proud to have this additional capacity at the Sports Hub. Tennis is very popular in our communities and we also work with the local Tennis Club to facilitate opportunities and partnerships.

Natural Turf Soccer Field
SoccorJuniorNaturalMeasuring 50 m by 70 m, this junior sized field includes a soccer backstop on the north side, fenced area and will be ready to go this summer.

North Soccer field
This field is located north of the Bridgetown Regional Community School and not directly part of the Sports Hub and is owned by the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education however the throwing event amenities are located here and we work in partnership with the school to host practices and events for shot put, javelin and discus.

Synthetic Turf Soccer Field
SynthSoccerThis full size synthetic soccer turf field is located inside the running track and measures 68 m X 100 m. The field is green in color, includes soccer field posts and benches. This top of the line soccer field can host local practices, supports the local schools and can be rented for games and tournaments.

Synthetic Eight Lane Running Track
RunningTrackThis state of the art Beynon BSS 1000 track is built to IAAF standards with markings suitable for districts, regional and provincial level competitions. It is surrounded by a parameter fence with three entrances for safety and security. It is used by local schools and Athletic Club for track practices. The track is also open daily from 8am to 8pm to the public unless booked for an event.

LED lighting system
track and field with lights onThis lighting system illuminates the Synthetic track and soccer facility. The lights can be booked for an added cost to support events in the darker season of late summer and fall.

Triple and Long Jump Runways
LongJumpThese Jumping runways are located on the east side of the running track and are used to support track practices and events. The long jump is a track and field event in which athletes combine speed, strength and agility in an attempt to leap as far as possible from a take-off point.

Steeplechase Water and Jumps
SteepleChaseThese are located on the north end of the running track and are used to support track practices and events. These are some of the most fun to watch and difficult events in the in track and field! Steeplechase simply is an obstacle race with four hurdles and a water pit.

Rental Fees:

Track Meets
Two Day Track Meet: $200 plus HST
Day Rates are $100 plus HST

Soccer Tournaments
Youth two-day tournament: $400 plus HST (day rates $200 plus HST))
Adult two-day tournament: $700 plus HST (day rates $350 plus HST)

Artificial Track Rental for special events or commercial activities
No lights: $50 per hour plus HST
With lights: $65 per hour plus HST

Synthetic Turf Soccer Field: for special events, games, adult teams
No lights: $50 per hour plus HST
With lights: $65 per hour plus HST

 School Practices and Games are free for this season but must be pre-booked.
 Minor Youth Soccer Rates for Annapolis County teams are free for the season but must be pre-booked.

Tennis Courts
There is no fee for the season, however if using for tournaments or special events they must be booked in advance.

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