Policies, Procedures And Important Information You Need To Know


Each group that books is required to provide a copy of their insurance. Events, Leagues and Practices must be covered by a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance. A copy of the insurance certificate must be provided along with your booking request - use the ATTACH FILE feature in the booking form to upload a PDF or clear image scan. The “County of Annapolis” must also be named as “additionally insured” on the certificate/proof of insurance.

Leagues & Organizations
If you are booking on behalf of a league or organization, please complete this Client Information Form and use the ATTACH FILE feature in the booking form to upload a PDF or clear image scan.

COVID Management Plan
Applicants must submit a “COVID Management Plan” and be in adherence with all provincial guidelines in accordance with the current state of emergency and sport management regulations. Use the ATTACH FILE feature in the booking form to upload a PDF or clear image scan of your documents, or email them to us as soon as you complete your booking.

We have a strict Behaviour Policy while on site at our facilities: 
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed in any areas.
  • No smoking or tobacco products in any park areas.
  • No abusive language or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
  • Parking only in indicated parking area.
  • Fields must be cleared of all debris and equipment after each use.
  • No motorized vehicles permitted in any playing areas.

Additional rules pertaining to the Artificial Soccer Field:
  • Sneakers or athletic footwear only – free of mud and debris
  • Track running shoes with spikes are allowed – spike shoes limited to 7mm or less – pin or pyramid spikes.
  • No metal spikes on the infield (soccer field).
  • No high heels at any time.
  • No animals or pets of any kind.
  • No food (includes gum. Candy, and seeds) as they cause damage to the fields.
  • No sharp objects or glass containers.
  • No chairs on the track area or on the soccer field.
  • Bo bicycles, roller blades, skateboards or golfing permitted.
  • No soda/pop or coloured sports drinks – water only!

Portable Toilets for large events
Clients/Organizations and Event Coordinators are responsible to arrange for any additional portable toilets for the activity/event at their expense. Consultation will be made with Parks and/or Recreation staff regarding installation, and placement, etc.

* Cancellation of events or activities must be submitted 24 hours or sooner prior to the start of the event/activity.

* Any infraction of the above regulations will result in the cancellation of field usage agreement.